Management and support

In order for professional footballers to concentrate fully on their game, they need to be able to rely on comprehensive support in a broad variety of areas, including, for example, searching for suitable accommodation or the right insurance consultant. We take care of this and lots more for our players. Our range of services encompasses all the essential aspects of advising and supporting athletes. Plus, we also offer customised services as required. This takes the pressure off our clients so they are able to focus their full attention on their sport. In other words, we help give them the freedom to concentrate on the essentials.

Career and planning

Our love of football and achieving success are what motivates us. All our players receive individual attention from Giallanza Sport. We are familiar with the challenges and demands all players have to face during their career. We make full use of our experience and contacts to further players’ careers in accordance with their individual wishes. We observe the market and the players themselves so that we can identify trends and opportunities at an early stage. Good timing and in-depth knowledge provide the foundation for footballers to take the next step in their career. Giallanza Sport underscores the importance of working respectfully together with the player’s family and immediate environment.

Communication and marketing

Giallanza Sport also provides support in the areas of communication and marketing. Right from the start. A personal website is only one aspect of this in a footballer’s career; others include sponsoring contracts and media appearances, as well as use of social media channels. We present much more than just the sporting side of our players. Professional communication also draws attention to a footballer’s qualities as an individual. The Internet has radically changed the nature of communication. Today, people interact without ever coming into direct contact with one another. New forms of communication are being created, and new networked worlds in which people communicate and interact are evolving. Locally, globally, everywhere.